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Welcome to my website!

Note! Not all stuff here is in english!

It is new that you now can become a member. You may (perhaps) a newsletter, at times, and access to everything a regular guest can not see. And a mail brands I've written in the diary, after selecting it in your account.

Also new is the rest of the website disign and popdown menus, look there! Point the mouse on the buttons above. That is where I will be adding different things every post I come up something to write. As an example, a new resepy, or something else fun.

I'm here to tell you about myself and about my hobbies. First as a radio amateur and progamer, it has also entered a model rail roed in my life. I chop most HTML / PHP and a little C++ now. And as you can see here, I try to use CSS to tidy it a little more, and reduce the pictures you will not upload.

I've started collecting old computers as well. So far, the most my CP / M computers that I used before my first IBM PC. Some CP/M computers it has become, under the 'Hobby' shown above, you'll find more on my old computer and my other hobbies.

Then you can here on this website follow my reality "soap" in the form of my diary (only in Swedish).

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